Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another pink house

Here is another very cool pink house. This one is located close to Dover, in England. It's very unusual and modern as well, I love it!
(pic from Preppy Princess)

Pink baby Uggs

I've written about pink Uggs before, but aren't these pink baby Uggs even cuter?
If I just had a baby, I would totally get these!

(pic from I Got Uggs)

Pink home

I think a all pink home is a bit too much, because I think small pink accents generally looks better, but if you are into a all pink look, you will probably like this totally pink home:
(pic from Luuux)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pink building

Pink buildings are not very common, but they are not very uncommon either. I have personally seen several over the years. But few of them are as pretty as this adorable pink building, located in Berlin. I love it!

(pic from Home interior tips)

Pink bathroom

I have written about pink bathrooms before, but I have to say I really loved the bold statement shade in this (partly) pink bathroom, so I think it is time to blog about it again.
(pic from Home Interior Tips)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another cute pink carpet

This one is made out of plastic though. But I have to say, you really can't tell! I think it looks really pretty!
(link to the Swedish online store where you can buy it)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun pink chairs

I never thought of having pink chairs in the house, but then again... why not? It's a really cute and fun idea!
(pic from Coco+Kelley)

Pink garden set

I am not very into gardening, but I am thinking about getting more into it. However, I think most gardering sets are very ugly (and why are they always green?), so when I do start gardening more, a pink gardening set is a must for me. Like this one, from Pink Princess:
It has everything you need to get started in it, and it is so much prettier than most gardening sets!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pink toolbox

Another really boring thing to get for the house is a toolbox. But what can you do? A toolbox is very useful to have, for a lot of things. Currently, I don't even have a ready made tool box, just random tools, bought somewhere separately. So getting a new, professional toolbox, with some thought put into it, is really a priority for me at the moment.
But I had no idea you could find pink toolboxes! Like this one, from Pink Princess:
Isn't it adorable?
It comes with
a hammer
a screwdriver
a spanner
a snap knife
some oil
some string
and much more, making it a very well equipped pink toolbox indeed.

Perfect for any woman living alone, or any woman, who's significant other hasn't already bought a toolbox for the house.

Pink kitchenware

One of the things I am still to get for my house is pink kitchenware, such as pink kitchen utensils. This is why I was happy when I found the British online store Pink Princess, because they tons of pink things and they ship worldwide.
One of the cutest things for sale in the Pink Princess store is this Pink Kitchen Utensil Set:
It consists of 7 pieces in total, including a ladle, different spoons, a spatula and a spaghetti server. All these kitchen utensils are made of steel, but the pink parts are plastic.

I am seriously thinking about getting this set, as well as some other pink kitchenware perhaps. It's just so cute!

(You can get the Pink Kitchen Utensil Set here)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pink champagne glasses

If pink champagne isn't your thing as much as regular champagne, you can also add a pink touch to your festivities by using pink champagne glasses.
I would not recommend putting pink champagne into pink champagne glasses, however, that's a bit too much and "too Barbie". So let your rule of thumb be:
Regular champagne = goes well with pink champagne glasses
Pink champagne = should be poured into clear champagne glasses only.

These pink and heartshaped champagne glasses are just adorable if you ask me! And perfect for Valentine's Day!

But for a more grown up and classy look, just a pink detail on the glasses can be enough too...

(pics from Drink Stuff, Sweet Pea Events and The Gilded Touch)

Pink champagne

A great way to add some pink of the festive kind to your life is to get a bottle of pink champagne and keep in the house, until you drink it of course.
Pink champagne can also be called rose, and basically, it tastes just like regular champagne, but is made in a more complicated way. Both red and green grapes are used in the process, while only green grapes are used for regular champagne.


(pics from Drinks Daily and Flowers Delivery UK)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pink wall

I've never had a pink wall at home, but I would love to try it. I think this shade of pink might not be the best one for interior design, I would probably go for a lighter shade instead. But isn't the end result gorgeous?
(pic from an Israeli Interior Design website)