Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Beyonce in a gorgeous pink suit

Suitable for any businesswoman that likes pink, or indeed a diva too.

Really nice, I would love to get a suit like this, or very similar to it!

(pic from People)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pink holiday inspiration for Jews

If you do not celebrate Christmas and can't go for a pink Christmas, like the one mentioned in the post below, due to the fact that you are actually Jewish, fear not! As someone living in the Jewish state of Israel, I feel you, and I have some suggestions on how to pink up your holidays too: Get a pink menorah!

While pink menorahs are not very common, there are some of them out there, thanks to the recent demand for more modern and fun menorahs. Here are some pink menorahs I personally like:

(images from Designers Accent, Ruby Lane and Judaism)

Some pink Christmas tree inspiration

A lot of people dream of a white Christmas, but quite a lot of us dream of a pink one too. If you can't make your entire home pink for Christmas, however, just adding a pink Christmas tree can be a great compromise too. In order to help you do that, here is a bit of pink Christmas tree inspiration:

If pink Christmas trees are you thing, remember:
- You can go for any shade of pink you want. If you are a pastel pink person, go for pale shades, but if hot pink is your poison, there is a lot of hot pink Christmas stuff to get too.
- If the rest of your family, or for instance your husband, objects to a completely pink Christmas tree, just dashes of pink will work wonders too. And while it is not very common, one CAN have more than one Christmas tree in the house!
Alternatively, why doesn't one family member get to choose exactly how the Christmas tree looks every year? If you go for this compromise, it will be your turn to decorate the tree one year! And then you can of course make it completely pink!

(all the images in this post are from Pinterest)