Friday, October 11, 2013

Who says Halloween has to be all about orange?

You can totally pinkify Halloween as well if you want, as proven by these creative pics over at Pinterest (here and here):

I love this idea, because who doesn't by far prefer pink over orange? (Well, I do anyway, I've always kind of disliked orange, I don't think it's a pretty color at all!)

Speaking of going overboard...

... this completely pink Hello Kitty mansion is a bit too out there for me.
I can understand that a child would love this, but I am assuming a child does not have their own mansion, so an adult must have designed this. This is, according to me, a bad example of what NOT to do, if you want to pinkify your life a bit!

(pic from Pinterest)

Classy pink bathroom

I think the key thing is not to go overboard when you want to make a room both pink and classy. I think the balance here is really good. It's clearly pink, but not cheesy or cheap looking. Just perfect!
(pic from Pinterest)

Super cool pink luggage set

I totally want this! It's pretty and I am such a sucker for matching sets!
Plus, I actually really am in need of a new luggage set. So I might just have to try to find this one!

(pic from Pinterest)

A classy pink bedroom

Some people think that just because a bedroom is pink, it automatically looks like a little girl's bedroom. But that really doesn't have to be true at all. This is an example of a truly livable, classy and pretty adult pink bedroom I think:
While I am definitely far from having an all pink bedroom myself, this pic totally gave me some ideas on how I might be able to incorporate some small pink splashes into my bedroom at least.

(pic from Pinterest)

Temperley London's idea of how we should be dressing this spring

Covered in pretty pink flowers, of course!
Fine by me, I have to say I love this look, and this dress, so pretty!

(pic from Pinterest)

Pink doll houses

When I was a little girl, my doll house was one of my most prized possessions, and I am sure the same goes for a lot of little girls who are lucky enough to own one. My doll house was not pink, but I am sure it would have made me like the doll house even more if I had had a pink doll house. Here are some really pretty pink doll houses, for those of you on the lookout for a pink doll house right now:

(pics from DyinMax, The Strong and A Top Doll, see their sites for more information about how to buy these pink doll houses)