Friday, July 19, 2013

Pink Hermes scarves

Hermes scarves are said to be the best silk scarves in the world, and if they're not, they are at least among the best known ones, as well as the most exclusive scarves you can get. And of course Hermes has released several pink scarves over the years as well. Here are some examples:

I personally do not own any Hermes scarves yet, but if I were to get one (one day, maybe...), I would definitely consider a pink Hermes scarf!

(pics from Hermes Fashion and PopUpIshop)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A great beauty brand for lovers of pink

Is a brand called Soap & Glory, which is actually one of my favorite beauty brands, because their products are actually really, really good, and have a divine scent!

But most importantly, a lot of their packaging is pink, making pink the signature color of this brand. So getting some of their products is definitely a good way to "pink up" your bathroom!
(the images in this post are of my own Soap & Glory collection)