Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why pink is always a good idea

That's what I've always been saying!

(pic from Pinterest)

Pale pink lace

If you've ever read my other, fashion related blog, you might have picked up that I am a huge fan of lace in any shape or form. So of course I adore lace in my favorite color, pink as well.

So I think this pink lace dress is absolutely gorgeous, even though you can only see parts of it:
(pic from Pinterest)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pink helicopter

I actually didn't even know these existed, until I spotted this over at We Heart It, but I guess they really do make everything in pink these days! Amazing!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gorgeous pink store front

I just love this!
It's for a coffee shop and bakery it seems, or for a cafe and patisserie, as you can call if by fancier names too.

(pic from We Heart It)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pink eye glasses

If you like pink and need eye glasses, getting a pair of pink glasses can be a great idea to bring some more pink into your day to day life, as proved by these two cuties:

(pics from Cutearoo and Blog da Pink)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pink Chanel bag

I wrote about pink Hermes Birkin bags yesterday, but I have to admit that above that bag (which I would of course love to have!) on my ultimate bag wish list is a light pink Chanel bag. It's just such a classic bag, much like the Hermes Birkin, but since it is smaller, I think it is a more practical bag for every day use. And light pink is of course my favorite color, so that's why I would want a light pink Chanel bag over any other bag right now!
(pic from We Heart It)

My own latest pink purchase

I've mentioned that I love pink work out wear before, and I even have some pink work out stuff already (you can see some of it here and here), but I still could not resist this very cute pink Adidas track suit when I saw it over at ASOS:

You can get the pink Adidas track suit pants here, and the matching pink Adidas track suit jacket here, if you'd like to get a set too.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pink Hermes Birkin bags

If you are into pink, as well as into handbags, a pink Birkin bag from Hermes, the most luxurious and sought after handbag maker of all times, is probably your ultimate dream bag.
Victoria Beckham is one of the many celebrities that has chosen to get some pink Birkin bags, but for a mere mortal, they can be rather expensive. It is also hard to get your hands on a pink Birkin bag, since they have a waiting list, but if you really dream of a pink Birkin, it could be worth getting on the waiting list, and start saving up.
You'll need to go to a Hermes store to order pink Birkin bags, however, since they cannot be purchased anywhere else, with the exception of Ebay, but getting a pink Birkin bag there is rather risky, since there are quite a lot of fakes there too.
(pics from Birkin Handbags, Bagsnob and Pinterest)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pink bookcases

I am an avid reader, and I tend to buy a lot of books, as well as keep them (at least the good ones) afterwards, so I find myself having to buy more bookcases on a regular basis. But it is only now that it occurs to me that I should maybe consider pink bookcases. Because why not take the opportunity to show off my personality in two ways at once: By showing off all my books, as well as my love of pink in one great pink bookcase?

Here are some pink bookcases I personally love, and have in mind when I start my own search for that perfect pink bookcase for me:

(pics from Astrid De Groot, Compare Store Prices and The Pepper Kids)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Top pink Christmas gifts 2012

If you came to this blog in order to get some pink Christmas gift ideas (I see that many of my visitors do just that, after all), some of the previous pink gift ideas I've featured might be a bit outdated for you by now. So here are some new pink Christmas present ideas for all of you who want to surprise a loved one by a pink Christmas present or two:
Pink diamante headphones. Headphones are among the hottest Christmas presents this year, after all, so why not make sure the ones you give away are pink?
Pink Dr Martens boots. A great pink Christmas gift for any lover of pink with a slightly edgier style, I think.
Pink, microwavable aroma slippers. For anyone who loves pink and suffers from cold feet from time to time (like me!).
A cute small macaroon box. Macaroons are hugely popular these days after all (and no wonder! They are absolutely divine if made right!), and this adorable box is available in several different colors, including pink.
A pretty pink sleeping mask. Great for pretty much every girl, but especially those who take long flights from time to time.

I will try to think of some more pink Christmas present ideas as well, but these should be enough to get you started in your hunt for pink Christmas presents at least!

Some inspirational pink Christmas presents

I love wrapping presents, and of course, I love wrapping pink presents the most. But it can be hard to think of a way to make pink Christmas presents and other pink gifts look both classy and beautiful at the same time as they are super pink, so here are some inspirational photos of pink gift wrapping to get your creative juices flowing, in case you have decided to give away some pink Christmas presents this year too:

(pics from here, here, here and here)

Some inspiration for a more pink Christmas

As a lover of pink, I definitely do not see anything wrong with embracing your love of pink during Christmas too. I've shown off some pink Christmas items and ideas previously in this blog (see here, here, here and here, for instance) but if you are new to this blog and are looking for some ideas in order to "pinkify" your holidays, here are some ideas for a more pink and girly Christmas:

Get a pink Christmas tree
Duh. What could be more modern and fun than that? Plus, since this means you need to get a fake, plastic tree, it will be much more of a hassle than a real tree too. (If you miss the scent of a real, natural Christmas tree, you can always get a spray, you know! They bottle it these days!)

... or at least some pink Christmas tree decorations
If you are not willing to go all out on a pink Christmas tree, you can decorate a regular one pretty nicely in pink too, using some nice Christmas tree ornaments and decorations. These are really widely available these days, since more and more people opt to go for other colors than the most traditional ones when decorating their trees.
And oh, if you are decorating the rest of your house, besides the actual tree, you might want to consider pink Christmas decorations for the rest of the house too.

Use pink candles
Candles are super-important for Christmas, so opting for pink candles is a great way to add some pink to your Christmas without too much hassle.

Send out pink Christmas cards
Will help you create a pink Christmas for others than yourself too!

Wrap your Christmas presents in pink
See above.
But I think I will actually post a whole post about pink presents, with some inspiration on how to wrap them, later on.

(pics from here, here, here, here and here)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pink, cute Hello Kitty microwave

One of my favorite things to get in pink is definitely any boring electrical equipment that most people don't think twice about. So I would definitely love getting something like a microwave in pink!
And this one has a very cute Hello Kitty motif too, gotta love it!

(pic from Luuux)

Pink piano

What an amazing detail in a room, I so wish I had one!

(pic from Elsa)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Pink Hummer

I've shown off quite a few pink cars here on the blog already, but as far as I can remember at least, I haven't featured any pink Hummers. So here is a really cool one:
(pic from Luuux)

Pink guitar

I would say that's pretty much a must for any lover of pink who actually knows how to play the guitar (sadly, I don't). And on this pink guitar, I think the heart adds a really nice touch too! Simply adorable!

(pic from We Heart It)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pink cigarettes

Now, I don't want to encourage anyone to take up smoking, but if you are already smoking and want to pink that habit up, you should know there are actually pink cigarettes out there.
I personally had no idea you could get these, but it makes sense I guess. After all, you can get almost anything in pink these days!

(pic from We Heart It)

Pink pearls

Now, white pearls are classy and timeless. I should know, I have quite a few white pearls. (Real ones too!) But there is something about pink pearls that makes them just irresistible too! I just haven't found the perfect pink pearl piece for me yet, otherwise I would definitely own some of those too.

(pic from Korulinja)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pink sushi

I love sushi, and while I have had a lot of good sushi over the years, I haven't had a chance to try pink sushi yet. But I would definitely love to, especially if I could have pink sushi with cute Hello Kitty images on it too!
(pic from IMGFave)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some more pink mail boxes

I've shown off some pink mail boxes before (here), but I just saw these, and found them really cute so I thought the theme was worth repeating!
(pic from Cool n bored)

Pink door

If you can't get a whole pink house, maybe a pink door could be a good compromise? I guess it won't really suit all houses, but it would look great on some, for sure!

(pic from WeHeartIt)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pink diary

A great idea for any girl who keeps a diary. I am not one myself, I never had the patience for such things, but I must say I think this diary is insanely cute!

(pic from WeHeartIt)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pink Louis Vuitton car

This might just be the coolest pink car I've seen so far. I just love it! (but that's probably because I am a huge Louis Vuitton fan too)

(pic from WeHeartIt)

Jessica Biel's pink wedding dress

I just love the fact that Jessica Biel chose a pink wedding dress, very brave and very original! And it's so pretty too!
(pic from Ebba's blog)

Some more pink car inspiration

All the posts featuring pink cars are among the most popular posts on this blog, so here are some more pics of how you can "pink up your car":
(both pics are from WeHeartIt, you'll find them here and here)

Pink drinks

So much more fun than regular drinks, no question about that!
(pic from WeHeartIt)

Pink poker sets

I am not really big on poker, but I would love to play it more often if I had a cute pink poker sets. And there are actually more of them out there to try than you would think. Here are some examples:

Amazon even sells a whole poker set for girls, so you just have to buy one thing to get started if you want to play pink poker! How great is that?
(If you want to get one, just click on the link below)
Pink Poker Night Game

(pics from Amazon and WeHeartIt, here and here)