Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pink Hermes Birkin bags

If you are into pink, as well as into handbags, a pink Birkin bag from Hermes, the most luxurious and sought after handbag maker of all times, is probably your ultimate dream bag.
Victoria Beckham is one of the many celebrities that has chosen to get some pink Birkin bags, but for a mere mortal, they can be rather expensive. It is also hard to get your hands on a pink Birkin bag, since they have a waiting list, but if you really dream of a pink Birkin, it could be worth getting on the waiting list, and start saving up.
You'll need to go to a Hermes store to order pink Birkin bags, however, since they cannot be purchased anywhere else, with the exception of Ebay, but getting a pink Birkin bag there is rather risky, since there are quite a lot of fakes there too.
(pics from Birkin Handbags, Bagsnob and Pinterest)

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