Thursday, November 29, 2012

Some inspiration for a more pink Christmas

As a lover of pink, I definitely do not see anything wrong with embracing your love of pink during Christmas too. I've shown off some pink Christmas items and ideas previously in this blog (see here, here, here and here, for instance) but if you are new to this blog and are looking for some ideas in order to "pinkify" your holidays, here are some ideas for a more pink and girly Christmas:

Get a pink Christmas tree
Duh. What could be more modern and fun than that? Plus, since this means you need to get a fake, plastic tree, it will be much more of a hassle than a real tree too. (If you miss the scent of a real, natural Christmas tree, you can always get a spray, you know! They bottle it these days!)

... or at least some pink Christmas tree decorations
If you are not willing to go all out on a pink Christmas tree, you can decorate a regular one pretty nicely in pink too, using some nice Christmas tree ornaments and decorations. These are really widely available these days, since more and more people opt to go for other colors than the most traditional ones when decorating their trees.
And oh, if you are decorating the rest of your house, besides the actual tree, you might want to consider pink Christmas decorations for the rest of the house too.

Use pink candles
Candles are super-important for Christmas, so opting for pink candles is a great way to add some pink to your Christmas without too much hassle.

Send out pink Christmas cards
Will help you create a pink Christmas for others than yourself too!

Wrap your Christmas presents in pink
See above.
But I think I will actually post a whole post about pink presents, with some inspiration on how to wrap them, later on.

(pics from here, here, here, here and here)

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