Thursday, November 29, 2012

Top pink Christmas gifts 2012

If you came to this blog in order to get some pink Christmas gift ideas (I see that many of my visitors do just that, after all), some of the previous pink gift ideas I've featured might be a bit outdated for you by now. So here are some new pink Christmas present ideas for all of you who want to surprise a loved one by a pink Christmas present or two:
Pink diamante headphones. Headphones are among the hottest Christmas presents this year, after all, so why not make sure the ones you give away are pink?
Pink Dr Martens boots. A great pink Christmas gift for any lover of pink with a slightly edgier style, I think.
Pink, microwavable aroma slippers. For anyone who loves pink and suffers from cold feet from time to time (like me!).
A cute small macaroon box. Macaroons are hugely popular these days after all (and no wonder! They are absolutely divine if made right!), and this adorable box is available in several different colors, including pink.
A pretty pink sleeping mask. Great for pretty much every girl, but especially those who take long flights from time to time.

I will try to think of some more pink Christmas present ideas as well, but these should be enough to get you started in your hunt for pink Christmas presents at least!

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